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1. Leon-Mazarife
2. Mazarife-Astorga
3. Astorga-Rabanal
4. Rabanal-Ponferrada
5. Ponferrada-Villafranca
6.  Villafranca-Cebreiro
7.  Cebreiro-Triacestela
8.  Triacastel-Barbadelo
9.  Barbadelo-Gonsar
10. Gonsar-Palas de Rei
11. Palas de Rei-Ribadiso
12. Ribadiso-Monte de Gozo
13. 14. SANTIAGO
15. SANTIAGO-Negeira
16. Negeira-Olveiroa
17. Olveiroa -Finisterre

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Our way to Santiago.

What did we learn.
1.    Nothing was like we have thought.
2.    Every day was the strongest
3.    What you really need on that trip, at least you know it at the last day.
4.    Every slope was the one before the next.
5.    You can experience the way like your real life.
6.    Whatever you think it takes another way.
7.    On the way you are allone and the more you
       are walking the more you are with yourselve
8.    You meet more people than in your other life.
9.    You will come to your own rhythm in a short time.
10.  On the way social differences become unimportant.
11.  You have much time to think about.
12.  How you get the way you get your life too.
13.  Bikers are not walkers
14.  There's no way like this way except milky way.

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Left: The credential from Santiago. Middle: The pilgrim's passport, which you need for the refugios(a stamp = a refugio) and your soul. Right: The certificate you get when you arrive in Finisterre.

Because I tried to present many pictures from our camino contacts the site has grown very big,
so sometimes, I think, it will be not very quick. Please be patient

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Now we are CPOS
(Certified Pilgrims of Santiago

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the camino of santiago


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