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9. Tag                      Samsatg, 4.8.01                7:30 - 18:00                   26km

Barbadelo - Morgade - Portomarin - Gonsar

91morgengrauen.jpg (10403 Byte)When we awoke in the morning we saw the first pilgrims coming from Sarria. About 8:00 we got up and began to walk again. Two hours later we reached a bar in Morgade. We had a wonderful breakfast with tortilla, cafe con leche and croissant. The way now goes through a smooth hilly landscape. The camino very often was a destroyed old roman road. Then we came to Portomarin. This town in former times had been layed in a valley but today there is a storage-lake. The whole place was rebuilt stone by stone a few hundred meter uphill. We could have a shower in the refugio and had a lunch in the village then we continued the way to Gonsar. Close the refugio in Gonsar is a bar and the keeper of the bar should take care for the refugio too. We had an exellent dinner in the bar but the refugio was not good. Nothing had worked because it seemed nobody was interessted in it..


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On the road to Portomarin

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The bar of Morgade

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Have a break, have a book

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Upstairs to Portomarin

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Stefanie, starting in Berlin and
Isabelle, starting in Konstanz.

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