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8. Tag                         Freitag, 3.8.01                              8:00 - 18:00                       26km

Triacastelo - Monestary Samos - Sarria - Barbadelo

 85kyang-su.jpg (15027 Byte)  If you leave Triacastela the way devided again in two directions. One is going crossing the monestary Samos and the other directly goes to Sarria. We took the camino to Samos. Unfortunately the monestary was closed because we had been there to early. So we continued our way to Sarria. That town we didn’t like. In front of the refugio already stood a lot of backpacks so we decided to go to the next refugio in Barbadelo ca 5km far away. This refugio is a modern house but it was already full too. We got a sleeping place unter the roof of a grandstand of the local sportsfield. Here we met a korean jura-student of Marburg called Kyang-Su and a group of Austrians from Vienna.. Nearby the refugio there was a mobile bar where we got a good bocadillo and a fine rioja. The ground was not soft but the night.


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The monestary of Samos8xavier und eli.jpg (11909 Byte)

Eli y Xavier

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The way to the refugio of Sarria, which we did not use, because we decided to sleep in Barbadelo


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The refugio of Barbadelo

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Sleeping under the grandstand

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