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7. Tag                       Donnerstag, 2.8.01                  9:00 - 16:00                       25km

OCebreiro - Poyo - Viduoda - Filloval - Triacastelo

7regen.jpg (14372 Byte)  Now the way without any break goes downhill. Now and then we crossed a national road. Now the weather had changed. fog-banks layed between the mountains. Then it began to rain cats and dogs. We became more and more wet and it blew a more and more cold wind. In Viduodo ca 3 hours later we entered a bar, where the innkeeper had made a fire in a stove so we could dry our clothes a little bit. We had a good soup and salade. That was the "Meson Betularia". We put on an anorak and trousers against the rain and from the moment we had been outside, the sun came through the clouds. So we reached Triacastela. The refugio was full again, we had been to late. But we got a sleeping place in the church of Triacastela. It was a hard wooden ground inside but under the roof of a fine church. This church was the first where we get informations about the way and the sense of the way in german language.


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The bar Betularia in Viduodo

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The next road was more than 1km far away

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Our sleeping place on the floor of the church

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The church of Triacestela

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