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6. Tag                         Mittwoch, 1.8.01                     7:00 -  17:00                         32km

Villafranca de Bierzo - Potela - Vega del Valcarce - Ruitelan - Las Herrerias - La Faba - OCebreiro

61galicea.jpg (15048 Byte) The way from Villafranca is called the camino duro. That was the right name. Close Villafranca the camino devided. One way goes a very small and stony mountainous way uphill and then ca. 9km through the mountains. The other way goes beneath and a long distance directly on the national road. In Potelo both directions united again and nearly 20km behind Villafranca we reached Ruitelan. Here is a little refugio where we should have rested for the night but we wanted to reach O’Cebreiro. So we refreshed in a bar, where we got a good wine, bocadillo and some fruits. After Ruitelan the way leaves the national road and goes through a lovely valley like you find often in the "Allgäu in Germany". Mountains around, sparkling waters and black and white cows on green green and lush grass. The place is called Las Herreriras. From this point the way goes straight uphill. Km for km, narrow paths, stony and sandy. A burning sun at every point of the way. Sometimes slopes, so strong that we have to move forwards in a very sloping position. Then we reached the boundary-stone, which marked the frontiere between the region of LEON an Galicea. Just an hour later we set our feet on the streets of O’Cebreiro. This village is totally restored and full of touristic ambiente. The refugio was full, so we got a place in an albergo. In a restaurant we had our second warm dinner on this trip

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On the road again

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A hard but wonderful way

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10 km slope to Galicea (Cebreiro)

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Monica and Juan

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