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5. Tag                      Dienstag, 31.7.01                   8:00 - 16:00                      25km

Ponferrada - Fuentenueva - Cacabelos - Villefranca de Bierzo

51fuesse.jpg (4555 Byte)  From Ponferrada you are walking ca. 7km through flat agarian plains till you reach Fuentenueva. Here we had our breakfast and met many old friends from the camino. We made a second break in Cacabelos, where we bought some jamon y chieso and had the lunch on the market place. When we sit down on a bank a young woman took place on another bank directly in opposite to our place. She was speaking with or in her mobile phone. When we leaved Cacabelos an hour later she was speaking on and on. Leaving the town 200 m further on we passed a river and there was a wonderful place to rest and go swimming. Unfortunately we recognized it to late. Towards 16:00 we reached Villafranca del Bierzo. This place is a nice little town with two refugios. One is from the community and a second is a private one close to the old church. The first refugio was complete and when we at last decided to take place in the second, it was full too. We went to downtown and there we found a wonderful camp installed from the community too for the pilgrims. Here we got a big tent for ourselves, we found good warm showers and facilities to wash our clothes and a sanitary room for our wounded feet. In that night, we leave our tent open and slept under the milky-way. Villafranca is the last village in the region LEON, Castilia. The next stop should be O’Cebreiro the first place in Galica, but before we should reach it we had to climb up an endless way uphill

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Highway to Villafranca

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The pilgrims camp of Villafranca


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Alejandro y Marilene

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Alejandro y Juan

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Hanna from Denmark

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