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4. Tag                Montag, 30.7.01                          8:00 - 19:00                      32km

Rabanal - Foncebadon - Cruz de Ferro - Manjarin - El Acebo - Riego - Molinaseca - Ponferrada

03bergweg5.jpg (8933 Byte)   From Rabanal the way goes uphill, crossing Foncebadon to the Cruz de Ferro. This cross stands on a stake of 3m and this stands on a hill of stones, which pilgrims had piled up during the years. Every stone, a pilgrim will lay down on the hill, symbolizes an inner wish for somebody to the Holy James. And this wish will be fullfilled at the right time. The way goes through a very mountainous region. The next place is Manjarin, a simple but spiritual free refugio with a good energy. In the next village ElAcebo most people trooped to the first bar they see but the better one where you can take seat outside with a good tortilla or bocadillo is only 200m further in the village. You continue to Riego and then you are reaching Molinaseco. This place is in a special way a fine place because you can take a bath in the river. There is an old roman bridge and the river forms a deep basin where you can go swimming. The water is clear and cool but not cold, we enjoyed it. Before you reach Ponferrada, the way will divide in a camino antique and a new way along the national road. If you take the old way you have to walk one hour more than on the other way. In Ponferrada is a big new refugio like a country hotel with perfect sanitary environments and small rooms with only two bunk beds but not very much air in it to breath. But this is a very subjective sight.


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Regina under the Crux de Ferro

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Crux de Ferro

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The refugio of Manjarin

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In the mountains around ElAcebo

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Christine from France

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The swimming pool of Molinaseca

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