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3. Tag                Sonntag, 29.7.01                             8:00 - 14:00                   20km

Astorga - Murias - El Ganso - Rabanal

 02blumen.jpg (9876 Byte)   From Astorga the way goes through a hilly region and many little villages slowly uphill into the mountains. In ElGanso was a cowboy-bar, where we drunk a typical spanish cider with less alcohol but sparkling and sour. Here we met our friends again. The weather was not so hot, more mild and the way was not hard. Very early we arrived at Rabanal. The Refugio was fine restored. With a little bit luck, we got a bed. Other pilgrims slept in an another refugio at the same place. In a restaurant we had our first warm dinner on this trip

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A break in ElGanso

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Juanjo from Bilbao

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Backpacks in front of the refugio in Rabanal

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The refugio from Rabanal, outside

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The refugio from Rabanal, inside

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