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2. Tag                Samstag, 28.7.01                     7:00 - 17:30          31km

Villas de Mazarife - Hospitale de Orbigo - Santibanez - San Justa de la Vega - Astorga

We started at 7:00 in Mazarife. It was cold. We lapped an english  looking man, who was a real spaniard from Bilbao, then three couples of spanish people. In Hospital de Orbigo we all met again in a bar. I started to make fotos. From Mazarife to Hospital it was 10km through a flat landscape. From Hospital to Astorga the way crossed big hills and dusty plains with little trees for nearly 17km. The last way was 4km on the national road. We met a group coming from Germany and from time to time the spanish group and the girls of Switzerland again. Slowly we got a feeling like a family, you became aquainted with them. Astorga is a nice old town with a city hall, designed by Gaudi. The refugio is very big with many sleeping-rooms with bunk beds. Like nearly all refugios, very clean and simple and with a good atmosphere.

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Landscape around Mazarife

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Landscape behind Mazarife

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Through the hills to Astorga

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Two couples of the spanish group in Hospital
Pablo, Hector, Berro, Martha

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We met Karin and Marilene from Switzerland.

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