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1. Tag                              Freitag, 27.7.01                             12:30 - 19:00                       23km

Leon - La Virgen del Camino - Olzina de la Valdoncino - Chozas de Abajo - Villas de Mazarife

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Regina, looking forward to enjoy the pilgrimage

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Here we start.Ole!

wegweiser1 klein.jpg (5297 Byte)We took the night-train from Barcelona to LEON. Then we would be guided from the shell of Santiago.We started our pilgrimage in LEON. Before we could start we had to get our pilgrims-passport  from the episcopat in LEON. So we started at noon. The weather was very hot and dry. We didnīt have much training but we walked very fast. The way was crossing a savannalike plateau. We passed some little villages and reached Mazarife at 19:00. The refugio in Mazarife was simple but with a good energy. The first evening I felt bad. I had drunk to much different and I got a sun-burn (sun-brandy).


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On the way to Mazarife


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Relaxing in the afternoon

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A view out of our refugio in Mazarife

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In the eveneing, my first sun-brandy

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