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17. Tag                   Sonntag, 12.8.01                  7:00 - 17:00                       32km

Olveiroa - Cee - Finisterre

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The last sign. Behind us, only the ocean.

0muschel-keramik-pin2.jpg (1615 Byte)   Now we started the last day. First the camino meandered between the mountains which yet parted us from the ocean. Nearly 20km over a wonderful looking plateau. Then we saw the sea. Now the way goes downhill very strong and we reached Cee. Here we had a break and then we continued our way along the seaside for the next 12km till we came to Finisterre. We went into the refugio. Here we got our last stamp and our last sleeping place as pilgrims in a refugio. We brought home the bacon, means we did it..
The next day we strolled slowly to the Cape of Finisterre which is 4km behind the village. On the last rocks of the european world stood a light house and the sea is nearly 200m deeper. You can see to the end of the world and you can see endless water. Then a fog was coming up and an hour later all round about was full of fog. We couldn't see the ocean any longer and the town of Finisterre. In the evening it began to rain. We found a wonderful fish restaurant where we met Alicia from Alicante. The next day it was very foggy too so we left Finisterre to see some more places in northern Spain like A'Coruna, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Barcelona  

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Impressions from the
end of the world

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Alicia, who we met in a very good fish-restaurant

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Desmond with his family. We met them in the bar of the lighthouse.

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