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16. Tag                     Samstag, 11.8.01                 8:00 - 19:00                        37km

Negreira - Olveiroa

16landscape-olveiroa.jpg (11639 Byte)    Between Negreira and Olveiroa we only found two bars. The distance is 37km. The way goes through a smooth hilly landscape. The sun was hot and we reached the refugio at 19:00. This refugio is totally new. Two ladies take care of it in a very loving manner and here we got - the first time on the way - a dinner in the evening and breakfast the next morning. The donation is used for the refugio and the next dinners for the pilgrims coming the next day,.so it is important to give money


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A very new refugio in Olveiroa

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Antje from Wuppertal and me

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