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15. Tag                      Freitag, 10.8.01              12:00 - 19:00                 22km

Santiago - Negreira

15ich stockschnitzen.jpg (13100 Byte)  My feet had refreshed during the last two days in Santiago. So we decided to continue our walk till the end of the world, to Finisterre. The most of the pilgrims went this way by bus. We wanted to go by feet. So we startet at noontime. A good decision. We took the road to Negreira. 2 hours later we reached Roxos, had lunch and then we continued our camino. Not so often but enough we found the yellow arrows and the piles with the shell. So we reached Negreira in the evening ca 19:00. The way was really very nice. Eukalyptus trees and smooth hills bordered the way. 5km before Negreira an old bridge goes over a river with a water-fall where you can have a bath in natural water-basins. In Negreira there is a new refugio with nice warm showers and a room where you can make your dinner.

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The refugio of Negreira

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Impressions of the camino to Negreira

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