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13. und 14. Tag                  Mittwoch und Donnerstag, 8.8. und 9.8.01               5km

Monte de Gozo - Santiago - Santiago

13mi-santiago.jpg (10866 Byte)  At 10:00 we arrived at Santiago. We had a breakfast in a bar at the begin of the downtown, 10 minutes from the pilgrim's office. Then we got our certification from the office, that we had coped with the camino by feet from LEON to Santiago. 316km. We bought a tube for our documents. Now we were CPOS, that means Certified Pilgrim of Santiago. At 12:00 a special mess began for the pilgrims. The cathedrale was so overcrowded that they closed it at 12:00. We came 5 minutes later and missed the mess. So we didn't make this experience. We reached Santiago but we were not there at this moment. Our souls did yet be on the camino. The first night we slept in a part of the monestary from Santiago which was a hotel and the second night we went to the refugio, which is in an old part of the university in opposite to the downtown.

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Nearly altogether in Santiago in front of the pilgrim's office.
Second.row: ?, Martha, Hector, Berro, Pablo,
Karin and Lorena - First.row: Regina, Michael and Lorena's husband

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The way to and the refugio

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Marilene, Alejandro

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The Potter family from Netherland

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Stefanie and Isabelle in the refugio

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Xavier y Eli

13andreas-regina-santiago.jpg (15457 Byte)

Andreas from Wuppertal

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Peter, Luisa and  Regina in front of our favorite bar Maracaiba in Santiago
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Peter and Luisa

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Luisa from Lugo

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At the end of the camino of Santiago, you get your certificate but the way continues till the end of the world.

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