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12. Tag                     Dienstag, 7.8.01                     7:00 - 18:00                          37km

Ribadiso da Baixa - Arzuar - Pedrouzo (Arca) - Lavacolla - Monte de Gozo

12esel.jpg (13021 Byte)   The first place we had our breakfast was in Azuar. The most pilgrims had spent the night in this town. We saw them leaving the refugio when we passed it. At noontime we reached the refugio in Pedrouzo (Arca). It was a horrible weather, wet and warm, like in a sauna, but without any refreshment. The rooms in Arca were small and the bunk beds stood very close. All was clammy and we didn’t feel well. So we left the refugio an hour later. The wind became stronger and more cold. We walked strong, reached Lavacolla but didn’t find a refugio so we decided to walk till Monte del Gozo. 5km more. Overall 37 km the day. The camino goes through forests of eukalyptos, beneath an airport, through an industrial region and last we were in Gozo. 5km before Santiago. Gozo is a very big holiday-camp, where a part is reserved for 800 pilgrims. We got a nice little room with four bunk beds, which became complete during the rest of the evening.


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On the road again

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Refugio of Monte de Gozo

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Berro, Hector, Martha and in the back Pablo

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Jonas in Monte de Gozo

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