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11. Tag                       Montag, 6.8.01                    7:00 - 17:00              29km

Palas de Rei - Casanova - Melide - Castanede - Ribadiso da Baixa

 11ribadiso.jpg (17674 Byte) This day the walk began without any problems but when we reached Melide – a nice quick place - my foot began to pain myself again. We had a break and continued our way. At 17:00 we reached the wonderful refugio of Ribadiso. This place was perfectly restored of an old hospital for pilgrims. We spent that evening in the bar near by uphill from where we had a wonderful view to the valley and the surroundings

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The refugio of Ribadiso

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Vibke from Denmark, Kopenhagen and me

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Helmut and Maria from Düsseldorf

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Monica and Regina

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Monica and Luis

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