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10. Tag                    Sonntag. 5.8.01              7:00 – 13:00          16km

Gonsar - Palas de Rei

0muschel-keramik-pin2.jpg (1615 Byte)   This day my left foot became crazy. The pain was too strong. We reached Palas de Rei at 13:00 and found a nice refugio. We put our bagage in front of the house and waited for the moment we could go inside. An hour later we got a sleeping place and in the afternoon came a first aid to the refugio. With a syring she yanked the water out of the blister under my left foot, desinfected the wound and sticked a soft plaster on it. I could walk again but the day we stayed in Palas de Rei and spent all the afternoon in the bar behind the refugio.

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Meeting the Potter-family from the Netherlands (left) and Patrizio from Switzerland (middle)

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A break bar

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Getting the stamp in Palas de Rei

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